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10 Reasons Why I Recommend WordPress eAffiliate Platform to Market Your Product |


Do you have a product that you would like to see become more profitable?  I would like to share with you why I use and recommend WordPress eAffiliate Platform to market your  product.

Here are my 10 Reasons Why I use WordPress eAffiliate Platform:

  1. It is a ONE time investment – Just like the WordPress eStore, which syncs perfectly with WordPress eAffiliate Platform, it is a one time investment.  When you buy both the eStore and eAffiliate Platform together you save $20!  It is easy to install, just like other plugins and allows for you to become profitable quicker and keep increasing in profit.
  2. Use it on ALL your sites – As with WordPress eStore, once you own the license for eAffiliate Platform, you can use it on all of your websites for no additional cost.
  3. It syncs with most popular email marketing services – Once an affiliate signs up, they can automatically be added to your affiliate email list.  I use Madmimi and LOVE it! This will allow you to share promotions with them with ease.
  4. Unlimited affiliates can join your platform – Your profit can continue to increase with more affiliates and knowing that their isn't a limit, will make the investment even better.
  5. Real-time reporting – I absolutely love know that all clicks, sales and commissions are all displayed immediately with no delay. This allows me to have confidence in managing my product online. Affiliates also love being able to see how much they earned within their own dashboard.
  6. Setting affiliate percentage with one click – You have complete control over how much you pay your affiliates.  You can select different percentages for different products, as well.
  7.  Affiliate dashboard – As I mentioned in the real-time reporting, affiliates are able to see their own clicks and sales.  In addition to the real-time reporting, they are able to get codes for banners and links to promote your product on their own sites.
  8. Easy to create your own ads – As an affiliate of many products myself, I really dislike e-junkie. I feel in love with the easy of putting a graphic into the WordPress eAffiliate Platform and having it create a code for each of my affiliates without any further work on my part.  The affiliates love having this easily assessable for them to grab a code for a different banner or text link and add it to their website or to share on a social media platform.
  9. Two-tier Affiliate structure – This is a wonderful tool to expand your reach further and increase your profitability with the help of your growing affiliates. With a two-tier structure, you can offer your affiliates a percentage for referring others to join your team. You can decide how much you pay for this referral, based on the new affiliate's own sales and for how long.
  10. Setting a minimum pay-out – I love having the ability to pay my affiliates each month regardless of how much they sell or having a set minimum that they need to sell to receive their payout.  This makes it very easy to stay on top of the affiliate pay that I send through Paypal with ease.

Remember, when you buy both the WordPress eStore and WordPress eAffiliate Platform together, you save $20!

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