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Bloggers love to focus on what is working to bring in the most traffic. There is an advantage to doing this, when you have something that brings you traffic with little effort. What is really important to understand is that if you put all your eggs in one basket, you could be heading for a disaster.

Use Google Analytics to Build Traffic Evenly - Learn how to grow your blog strategically so that when changes come, you blog can still be healthy! |


As a blogger, we love to keep the social media platform that loves us back filled with our attention. I know because I have been there with Pinterest.

Pinterest is by far my best referrer, and it makes sense for the rate of investment that I put into it, because the pins can keep brining me traffic for years to come.

That isn't the case with most social media platforms at this time.

So, when I saw that my traffic was really doing amazing with Pinterest, I was putting my attention there and dabbling in a few other ones.

When I rebranded my personal blog, there was an issue with the redirect pins on Pinterest. Pinterest was ‘warning' those who were pinning my pins that the URL was being redirected and it could be spam.

My traffic took a nose dive.


I realized really quickly how important it was for me to be building wisely on four aspects of my traffic.

Where was I going to start?

I knew that my organic searches were going to take a bit of a hit with rebranding, as well, but focusing on good SEO would help in that area.

Then there was referrals from other sources to consider, like other bloggers and of course the other social media platforms.

I have always known it was better to be a master of few things than to be good in many things.

I needed a plan of actions that would give me the actions that I needed to really learn how to balance my traffic, so when things out of my control happen, it is easier to recover.

I now know why it is important to build traffic evenly, and I'm building my knowledge of just how to do that with the statistics of Google Analytics.


Kelli Miller and Crystal Lopez wrote SKYROCKET Your Blog Page Views with Google Analytics, and they cover this topic well in their ebook.


SKYROCKET Your Blog Page Views With Google Analytics takes you past your page views, and goes deeper inside your dashboard where the details for growth really exist.

There are over 30 challenges in this ebook that are brilliant strategies that will open up your eyes to exactly what your readers are wanting from YOU.

Don't worry if Google Analytics overwhelms you, too (yes, I just admitted that I get flustered by all the dashboards things I haven't learned… yet.) because there are screen shots and step-by-step instructions so you won't get lost.

Implementing these strategic challenges will enable you to narrow in on exactly what products will be popular on your blog. This will allow you to monetize your own product with better success.

Stop wasting your time creating products that your readers aren't wanting, and educate yourself on what they do want. Your income potential is just waiting for you to discover it.

Are you ready to see the money making opportunities that lie within Google Analytics?