Social Focus

What is "social focus"?

One of our many focuses at our conference is to really highlight our conference sponsors, because we cannot thank them enough for partnering with us to share their awesomeness with other bloggers, so we set aside time to see them grow.

What we do is give teams of attendees 15 minutes to create a 30-60 second Instagram commercial of our sponsors product/service/tool. It is a really neat way for our attendees to work together and give the sponsors more exposure, while learning how to deliver quality promotions as a team. We also feature the winning 30-60 second video on our Focused Instagram and Twitter account.

Not only is this a fun activity to do with other attendees, but by participating you will get a chance to win an amazing giveaway that our sponsors will be providing. The giveaways vary each night, but the value increases each night.

Here are a few examples we had last year at the 2016 Focused Blogging Conference:


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