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Skyrocket Blog Pageviews Using Google Analytics is a book that any size blogger could benefit from because it contains over 30 actionable steps to implement with strategies that will pay off quickly.


Skyrocket Blog Pageviews Using Google Analytics - With over 30 steps to implement right away, this ebook is AMAZING to helping you do actionable steps to really grow blog traffic and increase blog income. |

Kelli Miller and Crystal VanTassel-Lopez has done a great job digging deeper into Google Analytics to help readers understand how to use this tool of the industry to propel their blog forward.

Educating yourself is crucial to taking your blog further into the world wide web, and you will be able to do this at your own pace, with the steps within this book.

Don't let the fear of Google Analytics stop you!

There is more to learn than just your current pageviews, and this resource will tell you just how to do it!

As you can imagine, running both my personal blog and a blogging conference, along with its own blog can be daunting on some days. Knowing that I have this owners manual to building my stats one actionable step at a time is priceless for my business.

It really is a small investment to the potential gain that it provides when you begin to implement one step after the other.

I hope you take a moment and invest in your blog's grow, and get this ebook!


Did you know that both Kelli Miller and Crystal VanTassel-Lopez will be at the 2016 Focused Blogging Conference, as mentors! You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to learn and implement with these ladies, while getting to know them on a personal level during all the networking opportunities.

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