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So you are sitting on your couch in your PJs. You just purchased your ticket to an upcoming blog conference that will help you skyrocket your blog traffic and increase your blog income. You are so ready to do this.

You're ready to meet new bloggers in your niche; learn some amazing things about blogging, SEO, affiliates, and making your own products.

The days start counting down and you are getting so close to the conference and then you realize that you have to start getting things around! You have to dig around in your closet for presentable clothes, get nails done and even your hair. Make sure your kids are taken care of and your sweet husband. That long list of to-dos helps you feel ready to meet other awesome bloggers, like yourself.


So now you've got it all together. The meals are all done for the family while you are gone; the kids have someone to watch them the whole time; your hair looks fabulous, as do your nails.

Now you need to figure out what exactly it is you need to bring to a blog conference! It can't be that hard, right?

What to Pack to a Blog Conference

Let me tell you, it really isn't. But for many first-time conference attendees, it can start to feel a little overwhelming. After attending many conferences I have learned some of the basics…

Comfortable Shoes/Clothes – If I have learned one thing after attending conferences it is this…dress comfortably. Comfortable shoes, especially, because you will be standing on your feet mingling with other attendees and walking to and fro from workshops, meals, to your room, and where ever you decide to go. At Focused, we want you to be comfortable so business casual is a good style to dress in!

Business Cards – One thing that you want to make sure you pack for a conference is some business cards. The age old question for newbie conference attendees is “what should go on a business card?”

I have several different business cards and have come to the conclusion that there needs to be at least 5 key elements on a card, which should include…

  • An updated photo of yourself or logo
  • Blog Name
  • Name (only if you choose to disclose this)
  • Blog URL, and
  • Top 3 social media platforms (I found out if you have too many, it makes it too busy and hard to read)
We are suggesting that you bring about 100 business cards with you to hand out with new blogging friends that you meet at the conference.

Sponsor Stuff – I am hoping each and every one of you will have your own personal sponsor when you arrive at Focused, so in faith that you all will let’s talk about what to bring for your personal sponsors to a conference.

I would recommend you offer your sponsor for you to be their personal walking billboard. Why? Because by being a personal billboard you will start conversations and your sponsor will be noticed. You can wear a company t-shirt, pins, carry a cup, stickers on your laptop (preferably a skin). You name it.
If your sponsor has given you things to hand out (such as business cards), we will have a welcome mingle where you can freely hand them out! (However after that time has come to a close, we ask you only hand those things out when there is nothing on the agenda.)

Book of Questions – The one advantage of going to a blog conference is that you can often get answers to questions that you have had for a long time. So before coming to Focused (or any other conference in the future) make some time to write down any and all questions you have about your blog, how to make something work, or any general question and bring it with you to the conference, because there will be mentors (speakers) at the conference that will be more than willing to help you and answer any question they possibly can.

Also, if you really want to make your expense worthwhile, create a list of brands that you want to connect with while you are there, and maybe even write down a list of people that you want to get to know better (maybe someone from a blog group you are a part of) and make it a priority to get together with them.
Laptop & Charger – Since we are bloggers, the one thing we MUST bring to a blog conference is a laptop and charger! (A multi-plug outlet is a nice bonus, too, because they never seem to have enough outlets for all the chargers.)
Our whole goal at this conference is to implement what we are learning while in the workshops, so a laptop is very important to bring, and besides the fact that you can actually apply what you are learning right there, you can also use your laptop to jot down all those notes you’ll probably want later on…

Snacks & Water Bottle – Another blogger essential when coming to a blog conference is snacks. You know how it is…You have an early breakfast and you need something to help you last until lunch, so you eat a quick snack. I have come to learn that snacks in my bag are essential at a conference. My personal favorites are granola bars and beef jerky. Small servings, but they have what it takes to hold you over until that next meal.

Also, if you are a big water drinker, you might want to bring a water bottle with you. There will be water at the meals and other locations, but sometimes I just need a lot of water with me at a time.
If you are flying and need to save space in the suitcase, you can wait to buy snacks until you arrive in Richmond. The hotel offers a free shuttle that can transport you to a Target, which is just across the street from their location.


Business Card Holder – It is nice to have something that you can put your business cards in that you can always carry around. (I have used my jean pockets, a bag, and my lanyard before). Make sure that it is easy to get to and quick to pull out, because it can be a little embarrassing (especially if you are an introvert like me…) to struggle to pull a card out or even to search everywhere and realize you left your cards all up in your hotel room.

As a bonus, make sure you have a place to put other people’s business cards in a well. It can be in the same place as your cards, but make sure you have a system because you don’t want to hand out a card to someone that isn’t yours. (I know…it’s happened to me). I would suggest putting your cards vertically and “other” cards horizontal, so you know whose is whose.
Ibuprofen – If you are like me and prone to headaches/migraines, be sure to pack some Ibuprofen. I’ve needed it so many times and didn’t always have it, which usually resulted in me asking around and searching the hotel to find some. It isn’t fun to want to go to your workshops and can’t concentrate because of the pain in your head.
I hope this list helps you rock your first or tenth conference. 🙂