What benefits do I get for being a mentor at Focused?

All our mentors receive a Focused ticket, with all the benefits to having a ticket.

Tickets include all breakfasts and lunches during the agenda, the Focused Conference Notebook, the audios to that year’s conference, alumni pricing for next year's conference, and 1% additional commission on Focused tickets and products that sell. 

Mentors also receive an exclusive invitation to the Mentor & Sponsor Dessert Reception (alcohol-free) on Thursday evening at 8-10 PM during the conference.

Travel, hotel, and dinners are at your own expense.

Are my travel and lodging expenses paid?

No. However, we do encourage our mentors to secure personal sponsorships to help cover their cost. We do give an additional 1% commission to our mentors for any tickets, including VIP tickets or products they sell. Join the affiliate program now!

When should I arrive to the Focused Blogging Conference?

We recommend our mentors and attendees to arrive on Wednesday, July 11th. We open registration with a welcome mingle from 5-6 PM, and then start our popular Community Dinners & Fun on the Town at 6 PM.


How should I dress and present myself while at Focused?

We desire our mentors to dress business, and professional. With that said, denim and a blouse; sun dress; dress slacks, etc is appropriate. In addition to dress, we require our mentors to speak professionally, which includes refraining of speaking negative of other mentors, sponsors, or people not present. Cursing and inappropriate examples are not permitted while representing Focused during a workshop recording.

What other responsibilities will I have in addition to my workshop(s)?

We request that each mentor facilitates one brainstorming panel between 5-6PM on the day you mentored.

What this means is that the mentor starts the conversation on a topic tied to their workshop, while encourage those attending that panel to contribute. This is not a time for mentors to share their workshop, but to provide an ongoing conversation about the topic of the brainstorm with all of those attending.

Mentors shouldn't be the only one speaking but encouraging a brainstorming from those in the panel.

How will I register for Focused?

Pre-approved mentors will receive a second application process that will include submitting a professional headshot (only the mentor should be in the shot, and it should have a professional look to the photo), bio, workshop title, description, and any other personal information needed to completely register you for our promotions, and for your dietary needs while at Focused.

Please note that this second application is still an application, and failure to provide required details could result in not being accepted as a Focused mentor.

Is there any personal sponsorship guidelines?

To ensure that our Conference Sponsors get the focus of our attention during the conference, we have detailed guidelines that will help you create a great personal sponsorship package.

Will I be given promotional graphics, scripts to promote Focused?

We encourage our mentors to become Focused affiliates. All creatives provided can be located in that area only. 

Will I be expected to promote Focused Blogging Conference?

We encourage our mentors to share Focused within their circle of influence. We make it worth their wild with an extra 5% commission with our affiliate program that includes tickets. Please note that only new attendees count toward a commission. Alumni sales will not receive a commission. 

Am I required to have a slide presentation?

Yes! Not only does it allow attendees to follow better, it also demonstrates a professionalism we are expecting from our mentors.

Will I have access to a projector?

Yes, Focused supplies a project, screen and laptop connection for both MAC and PC.

If your computer is new and has a different connection, you will be required to bring your own connection. 

Will I be able to lead an interactive workshop?

Not until the 45 minutes of recording teaching has been completed. There will 15 minutes of Q&A, followed by an additional 90 minutes of implementing that will provide lots of interactive time. 

What is the deadline to have my worksheet PDF to you, so Focused will cover the printing cost for my workshop?

All mentors are required to submit a black and white PDF, no more than 8 pages (or 4 front and back) with actionable tasks for attendees to implement, no later than May 15th.

How will I communicate with the Focused team, or get further questions answered?

Once a mentor is accepted, and final approval given, the mentor will be added to an automatic email sequence that will provide individual emails pertaining to all the details, reminders of deadlines and tips for the best workshop experience ever. We highly recommend you keep these emails in a folder to reference them with your questions. 

If you still have a question that these did not provide an answer to, you are encouraged to email [email protected] for help.