To be considered for 2018 Focused, applications will be open until December 31, 2017

DATES FOR 2018 FOCUSED – JULY 11 – 14, in Richmond, VA!

Here are a few important things to note prior to filling the application out. 
  • We are not looking for speakers, but mentors, which means that you will share your expertise for the first 45 minutes of the 2 1/2 hour workshop. Then answer questions attendees might have in 15 minutes, followed directly by implementing what you just covered with the attendees over the last 90 minutes. If you aren’t able to give me a clear picture of what and how you will do this, please do not fill out the form until you can accurately describe how you would use this time to implement with up to 45 attendees.
  • We are looking for bloggers who understand the importance of community and networking, and demonstrate that in their own actions.
  • We are looking for bloggers who already have success in the area of expertise that they desire to mentor others in. We require social proof during the application process.
  • We offer a conference ticket, social media promotions of mentor, and an additional 5% commission on any sales mentors generage on Focused tickets and products. Join the affiliate program here.

Fill out the mentor application

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