To be considered for the 2017 Focused, applications will be open in mid-October 2016.

DATES FOR 2017 FOCUSED – MAY 18th – 20th in Richmond, VA!

Here are a few important things to note prior to filling the application out. 
  • We are not looking for speakers, but mentors, which means that you will share your expertise for the first 45 minutes of the 2 1/2 hour workshop, and then answer questions attendees might have in 15 minutes, followed directly by implementing what you just covered with the attendees over the last hour. If you aren’t able to give me a clear picture of what and how you will do this, please do not fill out the form until you can accurately describe how you would use this time to implement with up to 25 attendees.
  • We are looking for bloggers who understand the importance of community and networking, and demonstrate that in their own actions.
  • We are looking for bloggers who already have success in the area of expertise that they desire to mentor others in.
  • We offer a 2017 conference ticket, and a free entry in our swag bag for your promotion as compensation for your mentoring of one workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do I get for being a mentor at Focused?
All our mentors receive a Focused ticket, with all the benefits to having a ticket. This includes: all lunches and dinners during the agenda, the audios to that year’s conference, alumni pricing for future conferences and 25% commission opportunity for Focused products that are affiliated. In addition to these benefits, Focused promotes mentors on all of our social media platforms.
Are my travel and lodging expenses paid?

No, not normally. With very few exceptions based on a mentor’s proof of experience and influence of bloggers, do we ever consider otherwise. However, we do encourage our mentors to secure personal sponsorships to help cover their cost. We also provide an opportunity to have your portion of a shared hotel room for four nights (Wednesday through Sunday morning) covered by Focused if 7 or more people name you as a referrer to their ticket purchase.

When should I arrive to the Focused Blogging Conference?

Our conference is focused on community. We strive to secure mentors to see the value of our full agenda, and are committed to the full 3 days of Focused. With that said, we request that mentors arrive the day before Focused, and stay through the end of conference. Most people leave the morning after conference is completed. In rare situations, do we secure mentors who are unable to attend the full conference because it doesn’t provide the community feel we strive to deliver.

What other responsibilities will I have in addition to my workshop(s)?

We request that each mentor facilitates one brainstorming panel in the evening. What this means is that the mentor starts the conversation on a topic tied to their workshop, while encourage those attending that panel to contribute. This is not a time for mentors to share their workshop, but to provide an ongoing conversation about the topic of the brainstorm with all of those attending.

How should I dress and present myself while at Focused?

We desire our mentors to dress business, and professional. With that said, denim and a blouse; sun dress; dress slacks, etc is appropriate. In addition to dress, we require our mentors to speak professionally, which includes refraining of speaking negative of other mentors, sponsors, or people not present. Cursing and inappropriate examples are not permitted while representing Focused during a workshop recording.

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