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Increase blog traffic. It is on every blogger's to-do list. The problem is that often times we aren't sure what more we can do to increase our page views. In the efforts to reach this goal, we may turn to pushing as much of our content on social media, resulting in a spammy appearance that seems to go no where.

What if I told you that with the right strategies in place, you can increase your blog traffic with Google Analytics?

Increase Your Blog Traffic With Google Analytics - Stop spamming social media in the efforts of getting more page views. Learn about strategies that work! |

Increase Blog Traffic With Google Analytics

Blog traffic.

It is what we think of every day.

We check on it.

We fret about.

We get excited over it.

We crave more, especially after a big day!

The days are gone that you can post something on a social media networks and bank on the traffic coming right away. There is so much more to it these days.

It's overwhelming to just think about all the changes. The algorithms that we feel immediately and what that means to our current strategies.

What if I told you that there is a way to forget about the algorithm changes, and focus on what is working for your unique blog at that time?

Imagine having a tool that will tell you exactly what readers want you to share on your social media and your blog.

If you have Google Analytics installed on your blog, you already have that tool.

Google Analytics is the key to increasing your blog traffic.

Several months back, I set a large traffic goal of my own and being the strategic planner that I am, I drove into my Google Analytics for some answers.

My strategy at the time was to use my TOP 10 POSTS from the previous month, and the same month the year before to determine what I was going to be sharing on social media.

I couldn't believe how amazingly this system worked for me.

I saw an immediate increase in blog traffic to these top 10 posts, so I moved my attention to including the next 5 posts in my Google Analytic dashboard to my promotions.

They too, were seeing an increase in blog traffic.

I knew that I was on to something.

Fast forwarded several months, to when I went through a blog rebranding. I experienced a series of events that were out of my control that crippled my blog traffic and my income.

It was devastating.

There were a few defeated thoughts that it wasn't worth the work to rebuild. I was just exhausted and discouraged. When reality hit me again (I love blogging too much to walk away from this challenge), I pulled up my sleeves and got serious.

I knew I needed to go back to my Google Analytic strategies from before and get my blog traffic back again.

In a short time, I was seeing the results that I knew would come.

During this time Kelli Miller and Crystal Lopez wrote SKYROCKET Your Blog Page Views with Google Analytics.


SKYROCKET Your Blog Page Views With Google Analytics takes you past your page views, and goes deeper inside your dashboard where the details for growth really exist.

There are over 30 challenges in this ebook that are brilliant strategies that won't be plagued by the every changing algorithms. True insight about what is working for your own blog, while identifying crucial areas that need your attention.

Don't worry if Google Analytics overwhelms you, too (yes, I just admitted that I get flustered by all the dashboards things I haven't learned… yet.) because there are screen shots and step-by-step instructions so you won't get lost.

Implementing these strategic challenges will enable you to polish up on the things that are working great, but most importantly fix things that would instantly result in better blog traffic.

No longer does niches matter for growth or strategy.

Blog size or age won't hold you back from seeing results.

You can have the power that will grow your blog traffic today, tomorrow and forever, regardless of the changes that lay ahead.

Are you ready to see the growth strategies that lie within Google Analytics?