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When making goals and working to reach them, you should never overlook the importance of an accountability partner. You can always get more done with someone coming alongside you to encourage, motivate and support you each step of the way.

The Importance of an Accountability Partner - Learn about the things that can grow your blog through accountability. |

The Importance of an Accountability Partner

The relationship for an accountability partner, or partners in way of a mastermind group, should consist of four pillars: intimate, non-competitive, positive and motivating.

When looking for the right accountability partner, you will want to look for someone who has a giving presence, not a me, me, me attitude. If you see a potential partner that promotes others without anything in return, they demonstrate the positive and non-competitive pillars, but you may not get to know if they are motivating in an intimate relationship where you are sharing details about the behind-the-scenes of your blog and your business plan.

Taking care to select the right personality is very important, but trust can only be earned over time, so test the waters before spilling all of your beans.

“Partnering with the right person that believes you can reach your goals despite your current conditions is a must for success.”


Why An Accountability Partner Is So Important

Accountability Partners Solidify Your ‘Why”

If you haven't already worked on your ‘why' to your blog, you should start there. It will help you gain understand of what your goals should look like, and keep you grounded in your tasks that will help you get to your goals.

Once you understand your ‘why', sharing it with an accountability partner will help you by allowing them to understand why you do what you do, they can begin to relate to you and your blog more and can remind you of your why when you forget it, and may be making the wrong business choices because you are thinking of other people's ‘why' instead of your own.
Accountability Partners Confirm Your Strengths

When you have taken the time to really find the right accountability partner or partners, you will find that they can quickly identify your strengths and encourage you in them.

They may help you by suggesting to add things to your About page, in your media kit and even suggest new areas for you to consider branching out into for another stream of income.
Accountability Partners Identify Your Weaknesses

It doesn't take long to identify someone's weaknesses if you are in a small setting of others. If you are in a perfect accountability partnership, you will feel secure in a positive relationship. That means that when a partner points out a weakness that they see that may be holding you back from better things, you need to understand it isn't a personal attack but a critique to improve your blog.

I believe that when someone identifies a weakness, it is always best to suggest a solution.

This is best done to encourage further learning through an ebook, eCourse or a conference.

Accountability Partners Should Be a Sounding Board

What I love the best about an accountability partner or partners, is the ability to bounce ideas off them. This can only be done if trust is there, and a proven loyalty to your behind-the-scenes and business plans.

In the blogging world, we all have things we need to vent about. I would caution you to keep these vents short and avoid getting into a negative discussion too long because the purpose is positive and growth.

Always be looking for a solution to issues you are venting about, or vent to you spouse instead.

Don't forget to take the time to celebrate reached goals, and milestones, because those reflections are important and necessary.

Accountability Partners Set Goals

Goal setting is what this whole series has been about, and I love how accountability partners can really help you stay motivated through the goal setting process.

Once you decide on your goals, and the take the next step of making measurable goals to reach monthly, you can easily hold someone accountable, while they hold you accountable at the same time. Using a Facebook group is a great way to ensure that each of you are staying on top of the daily task that will get you to the next step of reach your overall goals.

Accountability Partners Learn Together

I love when my accountability partners and I are learning through the same book, eCourses or even attending the same conference. It makes it a great way to talk through how to implement it into our own blogs.

Digesting how things are working, or not working is also a great way to really learn together through trial and error.

Accountability Partners Make Perfect Mastermind Groups

Accountability partners make for a perfect mastermind group. Once you know the who, what, when, why, and how of what your mastermind will consist of and the guidelines, you can put the four pillars into place and start growing together.