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Do you ever wonder how to grow all your social media platforms without growing overwhelmed with sharing on all of them, every day? In this goal setting series, I'm sharing with you how to know what you want out of blogging, how to make measurable goals, how to break them down into daily task and now, how to implement your goals differently on social media.

Implementing Your Goals Differently on Your Social Media Platforms |

Implementing Your Goals Differently on Your Social Media Platforms

“Become intentional about the actions necessary for your desired growth, and results will happen.” – Dollie Freeman

As a newbie blogger, I joined several social media platforms and each time I posted a new post, I would promote that post like crazy on EVERY.SINGLE.PLATFORM.

I was literally screaming “Come read my latest post.

Little by little, I was seeing great results on Pinterest and it just continued to grow. So I have continued that strategy up with each post.

However it took me a little longer to start thinking about some of the things I was hearing at blogging conferences and online… ‘your email list is the most important asset to your business'.

Then it hit me.

Why would I be flooding every social media platform with each post, as it goes live? All I'm doing is spoon feeding my content to people who will never subscribe for my blog post because they don't have a reason to do it.

A freebie only serves an immediate desire to get something, and if I continue to feed my new post out on every social media, there is absolutely no reason these ‘subscribers' will stay on my list and grow as a loyal reader and then a customer.

I stopped doing that immediately.

The problem was that I didn't put a strategy in place of how I was going to use each of these platforms differently to continue to grow them and thus my influence on the internet.

I realized that each of my social media platforms must serve a purpose to reach an aspect of my goal, and collectively they will all work together to reach it for me. However, for that to happen, I need to take time to articulate what I want each social media platform to do for me, and what that looks like in the form of updates for my followers through calls of actions.

Check out the scope on this subject…

“Your ideal reader won't make the time to engage on all of your social media platforms, unless you provide something of different value on each one.” – Dollie Freeman


For me, Pinterest was easy!

Pinterest's purpose is TRAFFIC.

I was going to keep doing what is working and that is circulating all my new content once it goes live. Then I was going to keep promoting my old content, my top 50 post and grow my followers by using Ahalogy networking to promoting others.


Twitter isn't something that comes naturally for me, but I know it is important to brands.

Twitter's purpose is establishing authority for my niches with brands and peers.

I created dates and times to work with Hootsuite Pro and keep my personal blog tweeting 24 tweets a day, every day of the year.

I don't get a lot of traffic from Twitter, but I do get a long of emails from brands who want to work with me, and my peers are reinforcing my authority through retweets, likes and comments. I don't always choose to work with the brands that contact me because they aren't a good fit for my readers, but it is all about numbers and getting noticed.

You can purchase my Twitter System and get started today!

“Planning a way to service a brand naturally into your social media platforms will help you monetize it in the future.” – Dollie Freeman


Facebook can get a bad reputation because it is hard to keep your reach, and never knowing what you did wrong to loose what you already gained. However, it is where my readers are, and to connect with them and find new ones, I need to be active their.

Facebook's purpose is to establish a community and resource for my niches.

“To stand out, you must be unique and attractable to those you are wanting to serve.” – Dollie Freeman

I created a Facebook Group for my top niche, Charlotte Mason homeschooling and in that group, I answer general questions, and share relevant post from time to time. I even have links to post that answer the top asked questions in my groups.

My page is a way to build a resource for my followers. It isn't just a place for me to share my own things, but to promote those to resonate with my readers.

I'm meeting their needs on the platform that they use every day.


Instagram can have its concerns for me. I don't want to show too much of my children because anyone can follow me. It is the one platform that people can really take a peek into your life. It will give them pictures of your real life, and those that you share it with. I find it is the one platform that I really need to be intentional one for my goals.

Instagram's purpose is to have my followers connect to me on a more personal basis.

I want to open up a little more with my readers, beyond just planned post, but glimpse of those things I write about… my family, my faith, my fitness, my homeschooling journey, and my life.

Knowing that others are building traffic through this platform had me become intentional about driving my followers to my blog through a landing page. It is a new strategy but one that I know has worked for others.


Periscope is a new social media platform that is growing in popularity. With the right strategies in place, I could see how beneficial it would be to grow this newer platform.

Periscope's purpose is to build YouTube, provide content both written and visual, while growing traffic and subscribers.

Once I saw that Periscope was more than ‘drop what you are doing and come watch me‘ (yes, that was my interruption of it for a long time) and started to see my goals of building my YouTube channel that was stagnate and my desire to provide more video content and how Periscope was a tool to accomplish all of this, I was on board.

“Identifying what you want to accomplish on each social media platform will give you the vision necessary to map out your actions for each one.” – Dollie Freeman

Other Platforms

Before I will add any further platforms to my own list, I will be looking to see what goals am I trying to accomplish with it and what actions will I need to do often to reach these.