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You had planned to go to some amazing blog conferences this year, like Focused, but things fell through and now you can’t go. There are many reasons why people can’t attend a conference when they planned to. Sickness, family issues, money and budgets, or due to have a baby the week of the conference completely unplanned (raises hand on that one).

But you can still make the most of that dream conference from your smart phone or laptop at home. Networking with blogging conferences from home is very easy and well worth your time. Today I am going to share some tips I have learned by following blogging conferences from home.

Didn't make it to your dream conference this year? You can still network from home and gain valuable networking connections.

How to Network With A Blogging Conference from Home

Make a list of all the dream conferences you want to attend that year. Then try to attend at least 1 or 2 of those each year. Networking with other bloggers and companies or sponsors in person is ALWAYS best. However, if there is some reason as mentioned above that you cannot attend, you can do the following things.

What to Do Before the Conference Starts:

  • Make a list of each conference and when they are.
  • Find out what the official conference hashtag is for the week of the conference. (i.e. For Focused #FocusedBC is our official hashtag).
  • Do a quick search on Twitter and Instagram of that hashtag so that it will come up as a recently searched hashtag so it will be easy to find again.
  • Follow the conference on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. (@FocusedBC on Twitter and Instagram).
  • Make a list of all the sponsors for the conference and follow them on Twitter. Mark which ones you want to make sure you interact with during the conference.
  • If possible, find the official conference schedule so you know when classes will be going on. (remember to take into account time changes, if you live in a different time zone from the conference).

What to do the week of the Conference:

  • In the week leading up the conference make sure to retweet a couple of things from the official conference hashtag, particularly from the official conference handle or sponsor handles.
  • The day the conference starts usually starts out a little slow since people are arriving and getting to their rooms. Usually the minutes leading up to the first keynote things pick up.
  • Follow the hashtag live during all keynote speakers and classes, retweeting tips or ideas that stand out to you.
  • Be sure to follow other bloggers who are actively tweeting and thank them for sharing their thoughts with you at home.
  • Also follow each keynote speaker or class presenter through their Twitter handle.

**Quick tip for those actually attending the conference, be sure to live tweet your favorite thoughts or tips during the conference. This helps those at home to interact, plus it helps YOU at the conference by being an active voice for the conference and sponsors. Share pictures with different sponsors or speakers on Instagram and Twitter as well. Pictures are always a plus instead of just a regular tweet.

So why is all this helping you at home?

First, you are putting your face and twitter handle in front of many other bloggers and sponsors who are attending the conference.

You are starting the first step in networking and building a relationship with potential sponsors and other bloggers.

And you are becoming an active member of that conference community, even if it is just from home. If you are ever able to attend that conference in person, you never know who may recognize you just from your active twitter handle during that conference.

The first impression is always important. Why not impress a conference or potential sponsor even if you aren’t there!

Focused Blogging Conference starts this week, July 24-26. We would love for you to connect with us during the conference using the hashtag #FocusedBC. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @FocusedBC.

You can also find a list of our amazing sponsors, team members, and mentors.

Our 2015 Sponsors Include:

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