Miramar Beach, FLORIDA | JANUARY 3-6, 2018

The GROWTH RETREAT that makes planning success relaxing


Only 18 spaces:



GROWTH LIVE couples the power of networking with the power of focused attention on one project in an intimiate retreat that will have attendees prepared for a year of growth.  

Is GROWTH LIVE for you?

Are you ready for a time away with bloggers who speak your language?

Do you desire the opportunity to get focused on the details of business without the interruptions of daily life pulling you away from deep concentration of planning?

Would you love to answer the beaconing of a Florida beach calling your name in the middle of winter?

Would your blog's success be impacted with hours of networking in a relaxing and luxurious home?

Could you perform better if you had all of your year laid out at the beginning based on your goals?

Does evenings of PJs mingles around the fire get you motivated for building relationships with like-minded bloggers?

Are you ready for growth like you have yet to experience?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, GROWTH LIVE is a perfect fit for you!




GROWTH LIVE is designed to give you a relaxing atmosphere to plan out your entire 2018 year giving you a head start on success. The agenda includes (4) scheduled times where you can use the GROWTH PLANNER to reflect on your business and goals, then plan it out in a strategic way for your best year ever. 

All work and no play isn't what GROWTH LIVE is all about! 

The Villa Capri is a luxurious house that is completely booked for the GROWTH LIVE retreat. It would be a shame to not utilize the whole house and all it has to offer.  

Wednesday, JANUARY 3rd:

5 pm: Check-in

6 pm: Buffet Dinner & Social Mingle 

8 pm: Pool Networking 

10 pm: PJ Mingle 

Thursday, JANUARY 4th:

8 am: Breakfast Buffet


12 pm: Lunch Buffet

1 pm: Beach Networking


6 pm: Buffet Dinner

8 pm: Pool Networking

10 pm: PJ Mingle

Friday, JANUARY 5th:

8 am: Breakfast Buffet  


12 pm: Lunch Buffet  

1 pm: Beach Networking  


6 pm: Buffet Dinner  

8 pm: Pool Networking  

10 pm: PJ Mingle

Saturday, JANUARY 6th:

8 am: Breakfast Buffet

9 am: Check-out 

**Break out sessions includes 30 minutes of mentoring and the remainder of the sessions are quiet individual planning times for all bloggers. Bloggers will be encouraged to find a comfortable spot and plan the topic for that session. 


LODGING Included:

There are several options for beds. To make it fair, prices are based on the sleeping arrangements.

Those buying their tickets first will get the best sleeping accommodations. 

Attendees are responsible for making their own beds. 

MEALS Included:

Buffet meals will be include in the cost of the ticket. This includes 3 dinners, 2 lunches, and 3 breakfastes. Snacks, desserts, and non-acoholic beverages also included.

All meals will be prepared and cleaned up as a group. Participation is required by all attendees.  


2018 GROWTH PLANNER Included:

Use this printed planner to guide you through the individual planning times in the agenda to organize your full year for success. 

It will include room for goal setting, task planning, and planning all four quarters of 2018. 


How long are tickets sales available?

There are only 18 tickets available. Retreats are very popular because of the size and intimacy focus on growth that we expect tickets to go quickly. If you know that GROWTH LIVE is right for you, we encourage you to purchase your ticket immediately.

When will tickets be made available?

Tickets will go on sale to the public, after Focused ELITE members ticket sales. Remaining tickets will be made available to non-members on Monday, October 16th at 12 PM EDT. 

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are NOT refundable. They are transferrable with a $30 fee, up to December 15th. If we have a waitlist, we will offer it to those waiting but it is the responsbility of the ticket holder to sell their ticket if needed. 

Are nursing babies allow?

Due to the nature of GROWTH LIVE, we are not able to allow babies or children to attend.  

Are we allowed to bring our own food or drink?

Food and beverage are provided. We will not be able to tailor to dietary needs. If you have a strict diet, you may want to bring additional food. Our goal is to provide healthy meals that are filling and delicious. Menus will be made available to attendees prior to December 31st. We will not be providing alcohol, however attendees are permitted to bring limited amount of alcohol. GROWTH LIVE is not a place for throwing a party with friends, but welcome others to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening. 

Will there be mentors attending?

GROWTH LIVE is a different event than the annual Focused Blogging Retreat, however each breakout session will include a 30-minute group mentoring lead by Dollie Freeman or other experienced attendees about the topic for that session In addition to this mentoring, attendees will benefit from the rich conversations of their peers during the networking and relaxing times. The purpose of this retreat is to provide a place for serious bloggers to come together to network and share their experience related to goal setting, task planning, and organizing for a successful year. After the 30-minutes of group mentoring, the remaining breakout sessions are quite individual planning times where attendees use the provided GROWTH PLANNER to build on the group mentoring and discussions happening at different times of the agenda. 

Does the ticket cost cover travel expenses?

No. Travel cost is the responsibility of the attendee.

What airport would I need to fly into?

There are a few options surrounding the Destin, Florida area. The management team of our retreat house recommends flying in from the VPS airport. 

Do I have to pay to park?

We have limited parking space, so it is highly encouraged to share a rental car expense based on when your flights will arrive. Our team can help organize this when all tickets are sold.  

Are the check-in and check-out times flexible?

No. These times are set by the owners and all attendees must respect these times.

Do I have to share a bed?

If you are absolutely againt sharing a bed, we recommend buying a ticket that is for a TWIN arrangement. There are no options to room on your own. This is part of the element of a house retreat. If we have extra tickets still available by December 15th, we will give attendees the option to purchase another ticket to secure a larger bed if that option is even available. 

What happens if I'm unable to attend due to an unexpected event?

I'm really hoping that all ticket holders will be able to attend and that no unexpected events happen to cause a change of plans for you. The nature of the retreat will not allow for any refund of your ticket. We do offer a transfer option for a $30 fee. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to sell the ticket. In the event you aren't able to attend, we will mail you the GROWTH PLANNER at no additional cost to you. 



$550 Early Bird | $650 Regular Includes buffet meals (bed assigned by purchased date) 


$500 Early Bird | $600 Regular Includes buffet meals (bed assigned by purchased date) 

TWIN (6 spots)

$450 Early Bird | $550 Regular Includes buffet meals (bed assigned by purchased date)