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Editorial calendars are so important to a blogger's success. It wasn't until I started using an editorial calendar that I really felt like a real blogger. It allowed me to take control of the direction of my blog. With a growing community, I was able to implement answers to questions that my readers were having again and again. Most importantly it allowed me to strategically plan out my monetizing for not only seasonal things, but for the long term.

Creating a Blogging Editorial Calendar For a Whole Quarter - With a few key things in place, this system for planning an editorial calendar allows me to plan an entire quarter of content in about an hour. |

Creating a Blogging Editorial Calendar for a Whole Quarter

While attending a blogging conference, I had the opportunity to pick the brains of a blogging friend, Kim from Not Consumed. She shared with me a system that she used to plan her editorial calendar for the month. There were so many gems that she shared that I went away so inspired to implement a few of these, but with a little twist to fit my needs.

The first thing was not using a wall calendar to plan my editorial calendar. Instead, I used my desk. I purchased a desk calendar, so I could keep my plans tucked away so it wouldn't be cluttered for visitors.

The second things that I twisted to fit my own needs was moving it from a monthly planning to a quarterly plan. That was just what I needed to ‘quickly' plan my editorial calendar in little time. I have always used the Editorial Calendar plugin, but with this change, I was able to do it faster than I have ever done it.

I was still able to use the systems that have worked for me for a long time. I use Todoist to add my creative ideas when they come to me. I just leave them there for when I need them. Some people use paper or Evernote. It doesn't matter what you use for jotting down post ideas when they come, but just do it.

Next, I use Post-It 2 X 2 sticky notes, and add them to my desk. The exact system of how I do this can be see in the short video.


When I have the time to plan out my editorial calendar, I open up my creative ideas and add them to the Post-It notes.

Before I know it, I have a full quarter of evergreen content planned on these sticky notes. Once I have them done, I add the remaining ideas to my Todoist, and when I write them, I check that post off and it disappears from my creative folders.

This system has worked so well for me that I no longer fool around with moving post within the Editorial Calendar plugin. A post that I planned for the quarter doesn't have a certain date, unless it is a sponsored post or seasonal. If that is the case, I assign a date within my Todoist, and it will let me know when those date specific post must get done.


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