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Create products and a lot of them is a great strategy for monetizing. Pushing out product just to have something in your store isn't the best way to spend your creation time. Imagine being able to know exactly what your readers will want before even spending a minute on a product.

Create Products Using Google Analytics - Have products ideas, but not sure if they will sell? Google Analytics can guide you through the decision process to making money. |

Create Products Using Google Analytics

My very first product that I made was a waste of time. In fact, I have created three products that went no where.

There were completely learning experiences for me, though.

I learned what my reader's didn't want from me.

It was before this time that I had been using Google Analytics as a tool to gauge what posts were getting read, in order to find what niches I should continue to write in.

It worked like magic for me.

I was developing my blog based off what was sticking, and being read, which lead to growth pretty well.

As smart as that sounds, imagine how surprised I was when I realized that I should be doing the same thing for products. Yes, you may be thinking that this would be a no-brainer for someone who was growing a blog, monetizing with affiliate products within these niches and moving into the product creations world.

I may have been slow but I caught on!

Before I knew it, I had several good selling products in my store. That is when I knew that I have figured out how to monetize one niche that I write on regularly.

You may be making your way in the product creations market and instead of using a strategy for your own readers, you are copying the strategy of a blogging friend, or a brand that you love already.

That isn't the best strategy, either.

If you are serious about making money with your own product, then you need to become a student of the right way to do it well.

You need to really pull up your sleeves and get to know those you influence right now, on a daily basis. You need to identify what they like about you, what they want more of and what needs you can fill for them.

Remove the guess work completely, and educate yourself, so you can be a success with your first product. Even if you have several products already, you still need to see how you can perfect the skills to create products that continue to sell from day one and on.

You can do this with Google Analytics!

If you are like I have been in the past, and use Google Analytics to just check your page views, visitors, bounce rate and time on your blog, you have absolutely no idea the information you are missing within your dashboard.

Kelli Miller and Crystal Lopez wrote SKYROCKET Your Blog Page Views with Google Analytics.


SKYROCKET Your Blog Page Views With Google Analytics takes you past your page views, and goes deeper inside your dashboard where the details for growth really exist.

There are over 30 challenges in this ebook that are brilliant strategies that will open up your eyes to exactly what your readers are wanting from YOU.

Don't worry if Google Analytics overwhelms you, too (yes, I just admitted that I get flustered by all the dashboards things I haven't learned… yet.) because there are screen shots and step-by-step instructions so you won't get lost.

Implementing these strategic challenges will enable you to narrow in on exactly what products will be popular on your blog. This will allow you to monetize your own product with better success.

Stop wasting your time creating products that your readers aren't wanting, and educate yourself on what they do want. Your income potential is just waiting for you to discover it.

Are you ready to see the money making opportunities that lie within Google Analytics?