Please feel free to ask us questions that concern you or the conference and we will do our best to respond to them in a timely fashion, but we would be very appreciative if you please check the frequently asked questions first, to see if you question can be answered there first! If not…send us that email!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our full FAQs on this page.

Do we book our own rooms?

Yes, please book your room here, at the time you purchase your ticket to ensure you get your room at the host hotel. If you are rooming with another attendee, the front desk will need to know the name of those rooming with you, and the first person checking in will be required to use their credit card to check in. They can divide the cost of the room at check out.

What airport will I fly into?

You will fly into RIC – Richmond International Airport. Free shuttle service is provided to and from the host hotel, Four Points Sheraton, however, you are responsible to call the hotel once you have retrieved your checked in luggage.

Do not call prior to this, or the shuttle will leave if they do not see anyone approaching their shuttle van after a few minutes, as they are contracted to leave their hotel every 20 minutes for airport personnel. 

How will I get to the hotel from the airport?

Our host hotel offers FREE shuttle service. Only call them once you have retrieved your checked in luggage from luggage claim. They will meet you outside of that area in their Four Points by Sheraton Richmond Airport shuttle van – (804) 226-4300.

They can only wait a few minutes due to their contract with airport personnel to leave their hotel every 20 minutes, however they won’t automatically come to the arrival area unless called.

Will there be a charge for parking?

For those of you driving, there is FREE parking at our host hotel and lots of room to park.

When should we plan on arriving/leaving?

You should plan on arriving on Wednesday, May 17th. Registration opens at 9AM on Thursday, May 18th, with our WELCOME MINGLE in the Conference Lobby. See our full agenda before booking any flights.

Our conference will be ending on Saturday, May 20th at 10PM. I encourage you to stay through the whole conference, and plan on departing no earlier than Sunday morning.

Is there any personal sponsorship guidelines?

To ensure that our Conference Sponsors get the focus of our attention during the conference, we have detailed guidelines that will help you create a great personal sponsorship package, including one RETWEET after conference is done for each personal sponsor you secure.

Can I volunteer at the conference?

Thank you for asking! We really want to exceed your expectations, so our team is going to be doing the work, to do just that. We want you to focus on everything that is important to you during your time at the conference from your blog’s needs, to your personal needs, to your growing needs, which we hope includes getting to know each other face to face, networking with our conference sponsors and mingling with us at meals.

Will there be alcohol at the conference?

This is a non-alcoholic conference, however alcohol can be purchased at the bar after conference hours, starting at the Networking & Social Mingling times.

No alcohol is allowed in the meeting rooms at any time, and only allowed in the Conference Lobby during the time specified.

Outside alcoholic beverages are only allowed in your rooms.