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Once you get started on this blogging journey, you quickly realize that you need to get organized and have a plan. Having a great planner and editorial calendar is part of that plan. Some people prefer digital planners while others, like myself prefer paper planners. Today I am going to share a list of the best planners and editorial calendars for bloggers that I know of.

The best planners and editorial calendars for bloggers.

Digital Blog Planners and Editorial Calendars

There are quite a few digital options for you if you would rather have your calendar on your computer.

Using Your Computer's Built-in Calendar

The first option would be to use the calendar already on your computer. On my Mac, that would be iCal. The only downside I see to using your computer calendar is that you could quickly run out of room and it also doesn't show a lot of the text that you would write in. But for basic deadlines and appointments it can be good.

Also, if you use all Mac products, than you will get notifications on all your devices of upcoming deadlines etc.

Editorial Calendar Plugin

If you are on self-hosted WordPress, you can also use the Editorial Calendar plugin. I have never used this plugin myself, but I do know other bloggers who do and really like it. As always, before downloading any new plugin make sure it is updated regularly and up to date with your latest version of WordPress.

Google Docs/Spreadsheet/Calendar

Another popular option is using Google Calendar or a Google docs spreadsheet. Since many of us are on our Google accounts constantly anyways, this keeps everything in a good spot for you to keep updated with. You can also have notifications go over to your phone or e-mail of important dates and appointments.

I personally use Google Calendar to coordinate a team of bloggers running the Inspired Bloggers Network group, blog, and social media accounts. It is very helpful for me to keep track of who is working when and also when things are due. I also use Google Docs and a spreadsheet for keeping track of everything related to the Focused Blogging Conference that I am responsible for.

You can also share the documents and give access to people who need to see them, which is also super helpful if you have a team helping you.


Another popular option is using Evernote. I personally don't know much about Evernote, but I know many bloggers swear by using it. So definitely check it out.

Physical/Paper Blogging Planners and Editorial Calendars

If you are like me and just need to have a physical planner or editorial calendar, there are some great options out there in all types of price ranges and even free.

Free Blog Planners/Editorial Calendars
For those just starting out who may not have the income to spend yet, here are some great free blog planner options for you.

Paid for Blog Planners and Editorial Calendars

If you do have some money to spend on a planner, these are some great ones below as well.

I used this Blog Planner from My Joy Filled Life in 2014 and really liked it.


The Complete Blog Planner from The Multi-Taskin' Mom is another one I have. What is great about this one is you don't need to purchase a new planner each year. Just buy it once and write it your own dates on all the calendars for each year.

Blog Like a Pro Planner productThe Blog Like a Pro Planner is another great option from Como Blog.

2015 Blogger Planner by Mama Miss Designs®

Another beautiful option is the 2015 Blog Calendar from Mama Miss. I know many of the bloggers in the Kid Blogger Network use this one and love it.



The planner that I am personally using this year is called the Blog Buddy Planner. It is definitely the more expensive out of all of these, but it came already put together and ready to go. And since I became really sick from pregnancy right when I was getting my new planners ready for 2015, buying one all ready to go was answer to prayer for me. I definitely love it, unforutnately it is also sold out for the rest of this year. But you will want to keep this one in mind for 2016/2017.

Do you have a favorite blog planner or editorial calendar that you use that isn't mentioned? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!