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150 Tickets

We keep the ticket sales to 150, to ensure that community is evident at our Focused event.

Learn & Implement

Our mentors (speakers) come alongside you to help you learn & implement on your blog.


We really focus on brainstorming, because we know that working together ignites growth.


Community is a really big deal for us, which is why we encourage networking throughout our live event.

Our Story

Focused Blogging Conference is the dream conference of founder, Dollie Freeman, who desired to find a conference that offered time to get a head start on the to-do list from the learning, as a way to begin implementing the next step of success necessary for growth on her individual blog. Not finding what she was looking for, within the expected price of a mentoring type conference, she set out to make it happen.

She hosted her first Focused Blogging Conference in Richmond, Virginia in 2015 where learning and implementing collided.

Dollie has created Focused Blogging Conference to be a community of motivated bloggers who are ready to take charge of their tasks to see growth in strategic places that will make all the difference in their efforts.


Dollie has been blogging professionally since 2012 and has always had the heart of mentoring others. In mid-2013 Dollie came up with the idea of putting together a conference that will help others gain focus in their goals and time enough to implement them. Her personal blog is Joy in the Home.<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Joy in the Home</a>

Dollie Freeman

Founder, Conference Director

Dollie Freeman is the blogger behind Joy in the Home and The Charlotte Mason Way, where she helps overwhelmed moms experience confidence in motherhood and the Charlotte Mason way of home educating their children by providing them guidance on how to remove their daily chaos through her parenting and homeschooling framework based on a tried and proven way to raise children with character and grow to be self-educated in their homeschooling efforts.

Dollie is the creator of The Blogger Strategy where she mentors motivated bloggers to gain focus with her tried and proven 4-Step Method to increase traffic, leverage leads, and scale income.

Heather has been blogging professionally since 2013 and recently rebranded her site to Growing Hands-On Kids(formerly Golden Reflections Blog). She enjoys learning about all types of social media, blogging trends, and helping others to start blogging as a career.

Heather Greutman

Conference Manager

Cassondra is a part-time professional blogger who also has a blog design business that keeps her busy during her long days. She loves helping others learn how to do things for their own blogs and loves being a team member at Focused.

Cassondra Freeman


Harold Freeman is the husband and biggest cheerleader of Dollie Freeman. He is a technical engineer when he isn't filling the shoes of our Sound Manager for the Focused Blogging Conference and CFO for everything money related to Focused.

Harold Freeman

Technical/Sound Manager

Liz Stapleton

Sponsor Manager