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Recently, a close blogger friend went through one of her most stressful times since blogging and this experience has opened my eyes. As it was unfolding for her, this post – warnings why Host Gator is the wrong host for bloggers was SCREAMING for me to write it!

5 reasons why hostgator is not a good option for bloggers.5 reasons why hostgator is not a good option for bloggers.

Allow me to give you a little background to the events that demanded me to write this post, as a warning to my fellow bloggers, small or big – pay attention.

One morning, my friend Angela from woke up to a bloggers dream… a post went viral!  She woke up on November 24, 2013 with over 25,000 visitors and 50,000 pageviews for her post – 20 Ways to Keep a Toddler Busy (it is safe to show her some traffic love now – because she isn't with Host Gator), which has over 104,000 repins on Pinterest.

These warnings are based off her experience, as well as others, like My Crazy Good Life.

Be Warned about Host Gator!

  1. Unlimited Does NOT Mean Infinite – When Angela was first shut down, she was able to override it a total of 5 times but that only lasted for 15 minutes.  She contacted Host Gator immediately and said “But it is UNLIMITED!” Notice the graphic above, which is a screen shot of Host Gator's own home page stating “Unlimited disk space” and “Unlimited Bandwidth”.  Host Gator replied, “Unlimited doesn't mean Infinite!”.  Ummm… yeah it does, Host Gator!
  2. Viral Traffic Will Shut You Down – Angela worked for a few days at Thanksgiving to get her blog moved to another host, mean while all that viral traffic was being lost because the link they were clicking to get to her site was now going to this…Host Gator Warnings
  3. Your Blog Will Become Host Gator's Advertisement Banner – This is actual screen shot of Angel's site.  Host Gator told her that this happened to her blog because of the viral traffic and that ‘unlimited' does NOT mean ‘infinite'. Every one of these links never gives the responsibility to Host Gator but gives it to the blogger doing something wrong.  In addition, the entire time that Angela was working to move her hosting Host Gator was working to get more customers while Angela was stressing out of her mind, during not on a national holiday week but with a birthday within their family… not to mention, she paid for their services!  Her writing earned that viral traffic and Host Gator stole her traffic and profited from it!
  4. Customer Service…What is that? – Angela was so frustrated with the lack of customer service and having to wait for 30 minutes to even speak to anyone.  When you are blogging for the purpose of bringing in traffic, you want to be able to get a hold of your host when ever something comes us and trust me, you will have something come up at some point.  Waiting for 30 minutes to only not have someone help you isn't customer service… it is customer frustration and stress!
  5. Cancel Your Account… No WAY! – Even after Angela changed her hosting, she was receiving invoices from Host Gator wanting her to still pay for her service and them not wanting to cancel her account.  They run their successful customers off, by stealing their traffic to make a profit and then still want them to pay them when they no longer use their hosting service.

Now that you have heard these 5 warnings why Host Gator is the wrong host for bloggers, I would like to share with you an option that has been gaining confidence with bloggers.  It is what I use and many of my own blogging friends and that is Black Chicken Host!

Black Chicken Host is an amazing hosting company that puts bloggers first and even transfers your blog as a free service!