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As a blogger, you want to put your best ‘face' forward and stand out from the crowd. You know that means producing the best quality visuals you can, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank investing in fancy photography equipment.

Are you trying to improve your mobile photography? Here are 5 photo apps bloggers need NOW!

It is possible to make your images and visuals stand out from the crowd by simply using your mobile phone.

Here are 5 apps that will have you making the most of your visual content with a bit of editing, text, and systematizing.

5 Photo Apps Bloggers Need Now



I know several professional photographers who use this as their go-to editing app. The process of adjusting exposure, contrast, and color is relatively simply, and there are several pre-made filters available within the app too. Another AWESOME feature is the ability to separate your exposure and brightness functions. Simply open up the camera, tap on the screen twice, and move the two red dots around to your liking. I’ll definitely be playing with this feature more in the coming weeks now that I know it’s there.

2. Studio


Ever wanted to add some inspirational text or a little doodle magic to your images? If so, watch out…this app is addictive once you get started. With options to apply pre-made overlays (organized by several useful categories) or create your own, this one will keep you busy and inspired for awhile!

3. Layout


This one is by the makers of Instagram and is a super easy way to make collages. Sometimes I take SO MANY phone photos at a party, outing or event, and I don’t really want to fill my Instagram or Facebook feeds with image after image. Layout will allow you to simply select and combine your photos into one image and then share ’em. With several layouts and designs to choose from, you’ll be all set to arrange a collection of photos in almost any way you can imagine.

4. Sketch Guru


Want to do something a bit different with your blog images? The app will transform you photos into beautiful illustrations. Choose your photo, then choose your treatment, and viola! You’ll have a work of art that is blog ready. There are lots of treatments from watercolor, to crayon, to colored pencil, so try ‘em all out until you find your favorites!

5. If


If you’re looking for a new way to produce consistent content on your blog (or social media channels), the IF app is here to help! From the makers of the site IFFT, this app allows you to create recipes that automate your content to publish across platforms. You can set up a recipe to have a certain hashtag on Instagram automatically create a post on your blog, or set up a second recipe that will backup all of your Instagram images to Dropbox for easy access later, or send your photos automatically from Instagram to Facebook. Create your own recipes or search the database for ones that have already been created that suit your needs. This is a not-to-miss app to help you save precious time and energy!

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