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Blogging conferences offer a plethora of ways to grow your blog. Networking with other bloggers can lead to collaborative projects. Meeting brands face to face can help you understand their needs in a way an email simply can't. And then there is the learning that happens in the sessions. Blogging conferences are worth the investment.

3 ways you can grow your blog with the audio lifetime membership from Focused Blogging Conference.

Sometimes you just can't make a conference work and that is ok. If you still want to learn, network, and grow your blog with Focused, then you NEED to check out our Audio Liftetime Membership. You can get all the learning from our workshops and work through them at your own pace.

3 Ways to Grow Your Blog With the Audio Lifetime Membership

One of the unique things about Focused is our mentor focus with the hands-on workshops. Unfortunately, you can't get that if you aren't in the workshops, but you can most definitely make the audio recordings work for you. You can still grow your blog, here are three ways to do just that:

Go at your own (set) pace. The great thing about your Audio Lifetime Membership is that you will always have access to these recordings. You can pace yourself as slowly or as quickly as you need to.

Here's the thing, oftentimes, we get sidetracked. Be sure to go through the sessions and make a list of the top priorities for your blog. Then set a goal for when you would like to complete those. Or set a target of doing one workshop per week until you finish. Whatever you choose, make it a priority so you get your money's worth.

Work it with your mastermind group. Do you have a mastermind group? You should, it is a great way to grow your blog through accountability and collaborative projects. You could work through the audio recordings together. Just make sure EACH blogger purchases the Audio Lifetime Membership themselves, sharing of the recordings is not allowed.

Create a local bloggers club. Maybe you want some “real life” accountability and collaboration. Consider starting a bloggers club in your area to work through the recordings. You can structure it just like a book club where everyone meets once a week to discuss what they learned from the chosen session that week.

Again, please remember that each blogger needs their own Audio Lifetime Membership.

3 Ways to Use the Audio Lifetime Membership

Now that you've picked who you are going to work through the recordings with, you get to choose how you work through them. Here are a few ideas:

Start with the basics. Clean things up a bit, refocus your blogging, and make sure your foundation is strong. A little refresher course in why you are blogging can help keep you motivated, especially if you've hit a slump. Or polish up some of your blogging skills and know-how. These sessions will help you do just that:

  • Building a Blog Your Visitors Will Love
  • Dark and Blurry No More! Photography Skills to Showcase Vibrant Visuals & Pinnable Graphics on Your Blog
  • Plugins With Power
  • Planning Your Writing With Evergreen Content

Pick a specialty track. Maybe you want to focus on something specific, like monetization or social media. There are several options for this:

  • How to Make Money With Affiliates & Ad Networks
  • From Blog Hobby to Blog Business
  • How to Build a Successful Newsletter to Set You Up to Earn
  • Monetizing 5,4,3,2,1 Launch! Monetizing by Creating Your Own Products
  • Wild Organic Facebook & Google+ Growth
  • More Powerful Pinning
  • Strategies for Twitter Growth
  • Be Aggressively Passive with SEO

Kick it up a notch with something more advanced. Maybe you need something new to reignite your passion for blogging or bump you over a plateau. Or maybe you want to give vlogging a try! Try one of our advanced blogging sessions:

  • Creating Systems That Work to Save Time With Blogging
  • Maximize Traffic. Maximize income. Minimize Stress
  • Prime Real Estate That Can Grow Your Traffic & Money
  • The Why & Hows of YouTube

The choices are completely up to you, but the fact remains that the Audio Lifetime Membership is a GREAT deal and a great opportunity to grow your blog!

mentor at Focused Blogging Conference.