Focused Blogging Conference is proud to support our attendees and their personal sponsor, however we do have some important guidelines that we ask that you respect and adhere to out of respect to the Conference Sponsors and their goals for partnering with us to bring you this opportunity to implement and grow together.


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Personal Sponsorship Guidelines

Having secured personal sponsorships to help cover my cost to conferences over the years, I understand how important this can be to our attendees. With that being said, imagine how important it is for Focused to secure the right sponsors for our cost to host this intimate conference!

Without our sponsors, the Focused ticket would increase significantly, but we know how much harder it would be for attendees to make it happen. So, while we fully encourage attendees to seek and obtain personal sponsorship – we want to also secure the conference sponsors who have invested to make Focused happen for all of us.

The following guidelines apply to all attendees, and mentors with personal sponsorship.

What you can NOT do:

    1. Attendees may not pass out, distribute, set up, or display in any way materials {brochures, samples, business cards} on behalf of a brand that is not a Focused Conference Sponsor with provided space in the Conference Lobby.


    1. Attendees may not hold parties {any type of function, event, sponsored suite} on behalf of personal sponsors.


    1. Attendees will not be permitted to solicit business in the conference lobby or meeting rooms.


NOTE: Attendees found to be in violation of any part of this policy may have their conference pass revoked without warning. The brand representatives and personal sponsored attendees and their brand(s) in violation of this policy may be billed the equivalent of the official sponsorship based on the visibility and marketing they received.

What you can do:


    1. Attendees may wear clothing branded on behalf of their personal sponsor. Branded attire should remain tasteful, as to not turn away other opportunities that may present themselves with Focused conference sponsors.


    1. Attendees may branded carry bags {laptop/iPad case, totes, purse, etc…} on behalf of their personal sponsor.


    1. Attendees may have customized laptop skins displaying on behalf of their personal sponsor.


    1. Attendees may hand out their own business cards, and ONE item from ONE personal sponsor during the welcome mingle. Please note that this is the responsibility of the attendee. Focused team or hotel staff are not able to assist you with distribution. We will not be able to store your giveaway item in any of the hotel area. Consider this when working on personal sponsorship packages!


    1. Attendees business cards are the only thing that can be handed out once the welcome mingle has ended.


    1. Attendees can offer ad space on their blogs/sites.


    1. Attendees can offer blog posts or a series of blog posts about their personal sponsor.


    1. Attendee may offer consulting services to their sponsoring brand.


    1. Attendee may offer to write a series of posts for their sponsoring brand’s website.


    1. Attendees may respond to questions about their personal sponsor during any networking meals or social mingles. However, it is important to remember that promoting your brand on your own during any agenda time other than the welcome mingle may have consequences.


    1. Attendees and their personal sponsors are welcome to tweet ONCE a day during Focused that says the following: “@personalsponsor are thrilled to sponsor @yourtwitterhandle to #focusedbc” and you can tweet the following: “I'm so excited to have @yoursponsor sponsor me to #focusedbc. Let me know if you want more information about #mysponsor” – Anyone abusing this privilege will be addressed in person. NO PERSONAL SPONSOR TWEETS ARE ALLOWED DURING ANY SPONSOR EVENTS.


  1. After Focused, you are welcome to tweet no more than 3 times inviting others to “Check out @mysponsor for #focusedbc and let them know I sent you.”

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Only three months into blogging, and desiring to further my blogging knowledge by attending conference, I began to contact brands to partner with to help cover my cost to three conferences. I share my exact emails, my follow-up emails and my securing personal sponsorship emails in my ebook. It is all there for you to implement, including learning how to identify brands perfect for your own platform.