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You may be contemplating adding Focused Blogging Conference to your conferences you attend, but still debating if this is the right conference for you. It is very important to evaluate the pros and cons for each potential conference, while considering the cost but also the benefits to moving your blog further toward your goals.

Whether you are a first time conference attendee or a conference junkie, I would like to share with you 10 things that I'm certain will stand out for those who buy their ticket and get mentored at the Focused Blogging Conference.  If these things don't excite you about the potential for your own blog, then maybe you can cross off one conference on your list. I don't think that will be the case, but either way, you will have a better understanding about the excitement for this one-of-a-kind conference.

10 Things Focused Blogging Conference Can Do For Your Blog |


10 Things Focused Blogging Conference Can Do For Your Blog

    1. Learn how to create income for your personal blog that is unique to you and your goals.
    2. Investing in a blogging conference can really push you forward because you are learning key elements to success and avoid the trial and error mindset.  Blogging for money isn't as easy as putting banners & ads on your site and just writing. There is so much more to growing a sizable platform and increasing your earning.
    3. Smaller size will guarantee you to get more personal help to get the most out of your conference experience and investment. Bigger doesn't mean better! In fact, in my own experience, the bigger the conference the less I learn and take away from my investment. The conferences that I have learned the most from have been with 150 or less attendees. This is why Focused is set at 100 tickets! Size does matter in learning, and the smaller the better!
    4. Choosing the learning that makes the best impact on your blog is always the best investment.  At Focused, our team works diligently to offer the topics that are most prevalent to the way the industry is going and what will make the best impact on our attendees growth. No fluff learning at Focused! Our paths of learning are: Marketing, Advanced Blogging, Monetizing, Systems and Technology. 
    5. You won't go home without having some implementing in place, and a plan of action for the things that weren't completed at Focused.  Hands-on learning is the purpose of our 2 1/2 hour long workshops. Our mentors are there to assist you in implementing what you just learned before you leave that workshop. They have been chosen because they have experience in their topic and a heart to see others succeed.
    6. You will leave with opportunities through networking face to face that may have never happened, because you had more time to connect than you normally would at other conferences.  Face to face networking is priceless in the blogging world. Focused is determined to get the minds of bloggers seeing the importance of networking, by providing long meal times WITH NO MUSIC, so you can hear each other speak. In addition, there is added networking times each evening that will allow for relationships to begin and grow.
    7. Brainstorm with your peers is a new thing at Focused, and one that will prove to propel your blog forward faster because of this new feature! We continue to hear just how wonderful Focused was for our attendees, and with those praises also came just how valuable other attendees were to each other. When you are at a conference like Focused, you are inspired at every turn and ideas are plentiful. Our new BRAINSTORMING panels will take that benefit to a whole new level for all attendees.
    8. You will have benefits from the pre-conference networking in our Facebook group.  And tickets come with LIFELONG access to our DRIVE audios for that conference. 
    9. Meeting brands in an intimate conference that desire to work with our attendees & grow together is priceless. Our sponsors are hand-selected to ensure they understand the vision of Focused, and are excited to work with our attendees beyond the conference. We limit the number of sponsors at our event each year, so our attendees aren't overwhelmed by the options and our sponsors can really enjoy building relationships. Our mini-workshops are priceless for attendees to learn about our sponsors the best way possible. And we have AMAZING fun Social Focus events that include high value giveaways. 
    10. We take the stress out of these 3 FULL days of focused learning and implementing for you, by providing delicious lunches and dinners for our attendees. We even include gluten-free and vegetarian options for those with these dietary restrictions. If you are staying at our host hotel, you will also get their breakfast buffet free, for up to 2 people in a room. No more running around to find food, and rushing back to the agenda. 

Don’t miss out on growing your blog in a way that Focused can really do for you!

Be mentored by Dollie Freeman at Focused Blogging Conference.